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Bruges is a city that will capture your heart. It is a city of human proportions, but one that can never be truly fathomed. Its history has made it great, a fact that garnered it the title of a Unesco World Heritage City. Retaining the mysteries of the Middle Ages and unashamedly exuberant, Bruges has been an international metropolis for centuries. Please find the "Bruges Tourist Website", using the following link.

Conference Centre

The conference centre Old Saint-John is, because of the historical appearance and its location in the center of Bruges with the canals, unique in Europe! Our conference and event center is located in a historic hospital from the nineteenth century. One of the first hospitals of Europe was already located on this site in the Middle Ages. Please find the "Conference Centre Website", using the following link.


Bruges has 3418 rooms in 101 hotels, each with their own history and their own character. Most hotels, venues, museums are located in the historic city centre, within easy walking distance from each other. Bruges's hotels are renowned for their personal service provided by a multilingual staff.

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