Previous Conferences
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> Edition 2018 : Update in Breast Imaging, Visiting President: Debra M. Ikeda (Stanford, CA/USA)

> Edition 2016 : Update in Neuro-imaging, Visiting President: Scott W. Atlas, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, USA

> Edition 2014 : Update in Musculoskeletal Imaging, Visiting President: Donald L. Resnick, San Diego, CA, USA

> Edition 2013: Update in Breast Meeting, Visiting President: Debra M. Ikeda, Stanford, USA

> Edition 2012: Update in Abdominal & Urogenital Radiology, Visiting President: Pablo R Ros, Cleveland, OH, USA

> Edition 2010 : Breast Imaging: a Comprehensive Review Meeting, Visiting President: Tabár László, Uppsala, Sweden

> Edition 2008: Update in Neurological Imaging & Orthopaedic Imaging, Visiting President: Stephen J. Pomeranz, Cincinnati, USA