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Update in Emergency Imaging

November 21-22, 2024

Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC)
Bruges, Belgium


Visiting President

Prof. Dr. Mark Bernstein, MD, FASER

Past President, American Society of Emergency Radiology

Clinical Professor Emergency Radiology

Boston University School of Medicine & Medical Center, Boston, MA, US

Prof. Dr. Mark Bernstein, MD, FASER has accepted our invitation as visiting president. He is a trauma and emergency radiologist at Boston University/Boston Medical Center, served as President of the American Society of Emergency Radiology, received the ASER Gold Medal Award, and currently sits on ACS and ACR Emergency Radiology committees.

Preliminary Scientific Programm


State-of-the-art lectures

Case studies in Emergency Radiology

Quiz on Emergency Radiology

Clinical Pannel Discussion Emergency Medicine and Trauma Surgeon Expert & Radiologist

Electronic Poster Section for Young Radiologists and Residents

Lecture Platform for Young Radiologists and Residents



European CME Credits are being sought by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Credits for Ethics and Economy are being sought by the Belgian Accreditation Council.

Radioprotection Certificates are being sought by the Belgian Federal Agency of Nuclear Control

  • Distinguished and Rewarded International Faculty
  • Close Interaction with International Attendees and Faculty
  • Refreshing Content providing New Perspectives
  • Interaction with Industrial Partners and Proximity of Industrial Booth
  • Patronage Belgian Society of Radiology (BSR) and Young Radiology Section (YRS)
  • Venue in Bruges (BE), a Unesco World Heritage City that will capture your hart

At this meeting international rewarded physicians from all over the world with special interest in emergency pathology will be invited for giving state-of-the-art lectures concerning clinical imaging, interventional procedures and related radiological-clinical topics.

International Faculty (as of today)

Prof. Dr. Mark Bernstein (Boston, US)

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Dick (London, UK) 

Dr. Ramdas Senasi (Hull, UK)    

Prof. Dr. Raffaella Basilico (Chieti, IT) 

Prof. Dr. Piet Vanhoenacker (Ghent, BE)

Prof. Dr. Bruno Vande Berg (Louvain,BE)

Prof. Dr. Marc Sabbe (Leuven, BE)

Prof. Dr. Filip. Vanhoenacker (Antwerp, BE) 

Dr. Koenraad (Hans) Nieboer (Brussels, BE) 

Dr. Sven Dekeyzer (Ghent, BE) 

Dr. Tom Claikens (Leuven, BE) 

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Salgado (Antwerp,BE)

Dr. Paul Winnock de Grave (Ostend, BE) 

Dr. Andries Van Holsbeeck (Bruges, BE)

Dr. Bart Claikens (Ostend, BE)

Invitation letter for our Young Radiologist Platform, with details on submitting educational or scientific e-posters and/or oral presentations.

Artifial Intelligence in 
Medical Imaging & Healthcare
Date will shortly be announced 

Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC),
Bruges, Belgium 

This conference aims to bring together leading experts, researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the fields of artificial intelligence, medical imaging, and healthcare. We believe that AI holds immense potential to revolutionize medical diagnostics, treatment planning, patient care, and the overall healthcare landscape. 

The rapid changes in healthcare and the complexity of hospital management demand the engagement of all key stakeholders in leadership and strategy to drive the adoption of new technologies.

Based on the current need for customized education and awareness on this topic, we introduce an international conference focused on AI in Medical Imaging. 

State-of-the-art Lectures (as of today)

  • Value-based Imaging AI
  • Data Driven Doctor
  • The Radiologist as co-creator of a medical AI device
  • Making your radiology data infrastructure ready for AI
  • AI roadmap for a hospital: where to start and how to build the route?
  • Sharing clinical data with industry: Myths and reality.
  • Building a framework for an open-source federated AI-learning project.
  • On the use of artificial intelligence in clinical practice.
  • Federated learning and data privacy for medical imaging
  • The impact of AI on the radiological workflow: what evidence do we have?
  • What should medical students and radiology trainees learn about AI?
  • How to prepare for implementing AI in the hospital 

European CME Credits are being sought by the European 

Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Credits for Ethics and Economy and being sought by the Belgian Accreditation Council.

You will have the opportunity to ...

Gain Insights: Learn about the latest advancements in AI technologies and their applications in medical imaging and healthcare. Renowned experts will share their experiences, case studies, and research findings during engaging keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions.

Network: Connect with like-minded professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to exchange ideas, foster collaborations, and build lasting relationships. The conference will provide ample networking opportunities during breaks, lunches, and the dedicated networking sessions.

Discover Innovations: Explore a diverse range of cutting-edge AI solutions, software platforms, and medical imaging technologies showcased by leading companies and startups in the exhibition area. This will provide you with a unique chance to witness the future of AI in healthcare firsthand.

Collaborate: Participate in sessions designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees. Share your insights, experiences, and research outcomes to contribute to the collective understanding of AI in medical imaging and healthcare.

Scientific Faculty (as of today)

Prof. Dr. J.J. Visser (Rotterdam, NL)

Dr. G. Speijer (Den Haag, NL)

Prof. Dr. E. Ranschaert (Ghent, BE)

Ir. P. De Jaeger (Roeselare, BE)

Ir. P. Moussali (Ghent, BE)

Dr. L. Topff (Amsterdam, NL)

Prof. Dr. S. Morozov (Ghent, BE)

Prof. N. Lea (London, UK)

Prof. Dr. B. van Ginneken (Nijmegen, NL)

Dr. B. Claikens (Ostend, BE), president

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