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Update In Breast Imaging
October 5-6, 2023

Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC), 
Bruges, Belgium 

with visiting president 
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD, FACR, FSBI. 
University of Texas, 
MD Anderson Cancer centre
Houston, Texas, US

Preliminary Scientific Program

> State-of-the-art Lectures on Current and Evolving Breast Imaging and related Procedures

> Breast Cancer Screening Sessions

> Teaching Cases and Learn from the Expert Cases

> Hands-on Sessions on Mammographic Positioning by Industrial Partners

> Hands-on and Interactive Sessions on Interventional Procedures by Industrial Partners

> Hands-on Sessions in Imaging and new innovations by Industrial Partners

> Guidelines in Radioprotection

> Debates on Ethics and Economy

>Young Radiologist and Residents Oral Presentation Platform 

Preliminary Program


At this meeting international rewarded physicians from all over the world with special interest in breast pathology will be invited for giving state-of-the-art lectures concerning clinical imaging, interventional procedures and related radiological-clinical topics.

We continue our efforts in bringing rewarded specialist together for an interactive meeting with the highest standards.The program consists of lectures, interactive case studies and hands-on workshops.

The venue of this international meeting is located in the brand new Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC).

Beside the scientific meeting, a well balanced social program will be organize:  fine Belgian gastronomy and visits to historical sites.

This international event will focus on breast imaging and pathology.

You will learn from international acknowledged experts and will refine your skills on the current imaging approach to the diagnosis of breast diseases.

Scientific Faculty  (as of today) 

Prof. Dr. Jessica W. T. Leung (Houston, US), visiting president

Prof. Dr. Hilde Bosmans (Leuven, BE)

Prof. Dr. Patrick Neven (Leuven, BE)

Prof. Pieter De Visschere (Ghent, BE)

Prof. Dr. Ritse Mann ( Nijmegen, NL)

Dr. Machteld Keupers (Leuven, BE)

Dr. Katrien Gieraerts (Bruges, BE)

Prof. Dr. Pascal Baltzer (Vienna, AU)

Dr. Ann Schiettecatte (Brussel, BE)

Prof. Dr. Guide Van Hal (Antwerp,BE)

Dr. Valerie Celis (Leuven, BE)

Dr. Isabelle Biltjes (Antwerp, BE)

Dhr. Mich Verhagen (Eindhoven, NL)

Dr. Sanne Van Rooij (Antwerp, BE)

Prof. Dr. Mireille Van Goethem (Antwerp, BE)

Dr. Bart Claikens (Ostend, BE), president

European CME Credits are being sought by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Credits for Ethics and Economy and being sought by the Belgian Accreditation Council.

Radioprotection Certificates are being sought by the Belgian Federal Agency of Nuclear Control (FANC).

Update in Medical Imaging is supporting Think-Pink. Think-Pink is the national breast cancer campaign and aims to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and their families. Think-Pink has four clearly defined objectives: providing information, raising awareness, funding research, funding care and follow-up care projects.

First Announcement
Artifial Intelligence in 
Medical Imaging & Healthcare
September, 15th, 2023

Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC),
Bruges, Belgium 

The rapid changes in healthcare and the complexity of hospital management demand the engagement of all key stakeholders in leadership and strategy to drive the adoption of new technologies.

Innovations such as design thinking, AI, robotics, and big data have burst across all industries and shown great potential to solve healthcare challenges. Technology is transforming healthcare, with start-ups developing incredible ways to improve quality and efficiency. The results are fascinating.

Based on the current need for customized education and awareness on this topic, we introduce an international conference focused on AI in Medical Imaging.

State-of-the-art Lectures (as of today)

  • Value-based Imaging AI
  • Data Driven Doctor
  • The Radiologist as co-creator of a medical AI device
  • Making your radiology data infrastructure ready for AI
  • AI roadmap for a hospital: where to start and how to build the route?
  • Sharing clinical data with industry: Myths and reality.
  • Building a framework for an open-source federated AI-learning project.
  • On the use of artificial intelligence in clinical practice."
  • Federated learning and data privacy for medical imaging
  • The impact of AI on the radiological workflow: what evidence do we have?
  • What should medical students and radiology trainees learn about AI?
  • How to prepare for implementing AI in the hospital 

European CME Credits are being sought by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Credits for Ethics and Economy and being sought by the Belgian Accreditation Council.

Subjects include (not limited):

-The scientific foundation and clinical use of AI
-The development of AI algorithms
-The implementation of AI in daily practice
-Regulatory requirements for AI in medical imaging and healthcare
-The AI industry now and expectations for the future

Preliminary Program 

Scientific Faculty (as of today)

Prof. Dr. J.J. Visser (Rotterdam, NL)

Dr. G. Speijer (Den Haag, NL)

Prof. Dr. E. Ranschaert (Ghent, BE)

Ir. P. De Jaeger (Roeselare, BE)

Ir. P. Moussali (Ghent, BE)

Dr. L. Topff (Amsterdam, NL)

Prof. Dr. S. Morozov (Ghent, BE)

Prof. N. Lea (London, UK)

Prof. Dr. B. van Ginneken (Nijmegen, NL)

Dr. B. Claikens (Ostend, BE), president

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